• Aluminum Spacers 5.1x10x6mm (Qty 2)

The Aluminum Spacers 5.1x10x6mm (Qty 2) are an essential component for anyone who is looking to securely mount components in their DIY electronics projects. These spacers are made from high-quality aluminum, which offers excellent strength and durability while remaining lightweight.

Designed to fit between circuit boards or other components, the spacers ensure that there is enough space for air to flow between components, preventing overheating and allowing for more efficient operation. They also serve to reduce vibration and protect delicate electronics from damage due to shock or impact.

Each set includes two spacers, which are precision-cut to the exact dimensions of 5.1x10x6mm, ensuring a perfect fit for your project. The spacers are also coated with a layer of protective oxide, which helps to prevent corrosion and maintain their appearance over time.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional technician, the Aluminum Spacers 5.1x10x6mm (Qty 2) are an essential tool for ensuring that your electronics projects are safe, secure, and reliable. With their high-quality construction, precision dimensions, and protective coating, these spacers are sure to provide years of dependable service, even in the most demanding environments.


Outside Diameter: 10mm

inside Diameter: 5.1mm

Length: 6mm

 Quantity: 2

Aluminum Spacers 5.1x10x6mm (Qty 2)


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