• FYSETC Voron M4 Mobius Extruder Kit 1.75mm for Bowden Hotend - No Printed Parts
  • A new released hotend part-- Voron M4 extruder Kit, not including the printed parts. The kit is a little different from that on official BOM, such as the GT2 20T pulley without top flange, easy to install, no need to remove it. Another GT2 pulley is 16T, which can further increase torque, then motor strength will be amplified more thorough. About the printed parts, please go to Voron design site to find the relative link by searching: extruders/voro_m4-STLs and find assembly manual.
  • Package includes a set extruder kit as shown in the picture. Wide range of applications, compatible with Voron 2.4 3D printer, Ender3/Ender3 pro/Ender3 V2/Ender-3 Max/Ender5 pro/CR10-V2/CR-10S pro/CR-10MINI/CR-10S5. Most printers with FDM forming principles can be applied if you can design the mounting bracket. Please refer to "M4 extruder mounting plate" on Thingivese "4865808".
  • After installing, this extruder runs smoothly, the meshing gear has a large torque and the consumables are not easy to slip; easy to adjust the feeding and retreating of consumables
  • The printing effect is better than other extruders, and the prints surface is smoother and more delicate. It makes loading the filament easier and smoother, no worries about filament scraping or breaking.
  • Easy to install and use. Method 1: use firmware to modify the extruder's pulse:#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT { 80, 80, 400, 692 }; Method 2:Send G code (can be sent by slicing software command):M92 E692 M500. If find the direction of motor extrusion opposite, change the motor line sequence 1-4 swap; 2-3 swap.

FYSETC Voron M4 Mobius Extruder Kit 1.75mm for Bowden Hotend - No Printed Parts

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