• 3D Laser Filament Sensor Upgrade For Prusa MK3
  • 3D Laser Filament Sensor Upgrade For Prusa MK3
Advantage of the new upgraded version
The previous sensor didn’t work well with some specific filaments. The new sensor is using the optical sensor which is triggered
by a simple mechanical lever. This sensor doesn’t care about the optical properties of the filament (it can be completely invisible) and cannot die because of mechanical wear.
 Laser Sensor Assembly
1.Place the Laser-sensor on the top of the Extruder-body and secure it with the M2x8.
2.Tighten the M2x8 screw, the sensor shouldn't be able to move, but be careful the PCB isn't indestructible ;)
3.Connect the cable, mind the correct orientation of the connector and wires.
4.Leave a slack behind the sensor like in the picture. Don't create too big loop as it might interfere with the frame. If needed adjust the length by gently pulling/pushing the cable.
Package listing: only filament sensor

3D Laser Filament Sensor Upgrade For Prusa MK3

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