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About 3D Printing USA

Welcome to the 3D Printing USA, where we strive to fulfill the 3D printing needs of our customers, ranging from hobbyists to professionals. Our platform offers an extensive range of products, including 3D printers, filaments, resins, 3D scanners, and their parts and accessories, at competitive prices without compromising quality.

With inventory from the world’s leading manufacturers, we proudly serve the US, Canada, and global customers with cutting-edge solutions. We don’t limit our services to selling 3D printing-related machines and materials but also provide expert guidance for the smooth operation and installation of our products. 

Now, bring your creativity to reality with our 3D printers and materials. Know what makes us best in the market and order the required equipment!

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Why Choose 3D Printing USA for All Your 3d Printing Needs?

Collaboration with Renowned Brands

To provide our customers with advanced machines and 3D supplies, we have partnered with the industry’s top-notch brands, including Creality, Bambu Lab, Sinterit, Modix, Caracol, RayShape, Zaxe, Intamsys, Drywise, Phrozen, Elegoo. Also, you will find 3D Printing USA in-house products in the inventory to shop from.

Parts and Accessories Availability

Along with offering 3D printers, filaments, scanners, and resin from different manufacturers, we provide parts and accessories to run your printing process smoothly. Our range of parts and accessories includes Hotends, Hotend components, Aluminum Extrusion, LCD displays, nozzles, stepper motors, build surfaces, belts & pulleys, PTEE tubing, control boards, and cables and connectors.

Exceptional Technical Support

Despite operating your 3D printers carefully, you might someday face any challenge with them. You might urge DIY attempts then, but that can be time-consuming and exacerbate the issue. Therefore, we offer online technical support via call or video sessions to let your printer start working quickly. All can be repaired through remote sessions, from filament jams or feeding issues to malfunctioning LCDs or control boards.

Special Discount Program

We understand the expenditures of 3D printing supplies if purchased in bulk. Thus, our discount program offers specialized pricing for schools, NGOs, co-creation hubs, and public laboratories. This program encompasses 3D printers, filaments, spare parts, and training materials. Discounts of up to 5-15% are available on 3D printers, various filament types, bulk filament purchases, customized parts, and training packages for these organizations.

Prompt Customer Support

Whether you have sales queries related to our products and services or you need knowledge to operate them expertly, our customer support team is available to answer every question. Our dedicated sales, support, and general queries teams can be reached by submitting the specific forms available on “Contact Us” or calling +1 (716) 371-3022 during business hours.

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