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3D Printing Canada presents a top-class collection of V-slot aluminum extrusions for versatile usage in your various projects, ranging from professional machine building to DIY projects. Available in diverse dimensions, our extrusions are designed effectively to offer exceptional strength for a smooth and linear motion. All of these V-slot extrusions feature a black coating, making them easily blendable with different colors of machines.

Our products are durable as they resist corrosion and other wear & tear as they are made of aluminum and coated effectively. 

Our Product Range includes:

2020 V-Slot Extrusion 20 Series - 20mm X 20mm X 1m 

2040 V-Slot Extrusion 20 Series - 20mm X 40mm X 1m 

4040 V-Slot Extrusion 20-Series 40mm X 40mm X 1m 

2020 V-Slot Extrusion 20 Series - 20mm X 20mm X 2.5m 

2040 V-Slot Extrusion 20 Series - 20mm X 40mm X 2.5m 

C-Beam C-Channel V-Slot Extrusion 20 Series - 40mm X 80mm X 2.5m

2080 V-Slot Extrusion 20 Series - 20mm X 80mm X 2.5m

2060 V-Slot Extrusion 20 Series - 20mm X 60mm X 2.5m

4040 V-Slot Extrusion 20-Series 40mm X 40mm X 2.5m 

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Some of the popular uses of V-slot aluminum extrusions include: 

3D Printers and CNC Machines: These V-slot extrusions are widely used as structural components for the frame, gantry, and other parts of these machines.

Robotics: Used in the construction of robot frames, arms, and other structural components due to their lightweight and strength.

Automation Systems: Employed for building frames and structures in automated systems and machinery for industrial applications.

Display Stands and Exhibits: Used for constructing display stands, exhibits, and trade show booths due to their sleek design and modularity.

Furniture: Used in the construction of lightweight and durable furniture pieces such as shelving units, tables, and workbenches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any recommended accessories or complementary products for the V-Slot Aluminum Extrusions, such as corner connectors or gantry plates?

  • Corner connectors join V-Slot aluminum extrusions at right angles for sturdy frames.
  • T-slot nuts and bolts secure components to the extrusions for versatile attachment.
  • Gantry plates mount linear motion components like stepper motors and lead screws.
  • End caps and covers provide a finished look and protection for open ends.
  • Linear motion components ensure smooth and precise motion systems.
  • Brackets and joining plates connect extrusions and mount additional components.

Can Aluminum Extrusions be used for constructing enclosures or frames for electronic projects?

Yes, aluminum extrusions can be used to construct enclosures or frames for electronic projects due to their durability, lightweight nature, and ease of customization.

Do the Aluminum Extrusions feature any protective coatings for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance?

Yes, our aluminum extrusions have been coated with black anodized for a fine finish. This coating also protects the metal from potential damage.