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Bambu Lab is the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly 3D printing services, equipment, and materials. At 3D Printing Canada, our adherence to supplying cutting-edge printers and their parts to our clients has led to carrying its products on our platform. You will find our range of Bambu Lab printers and what makes them stand apart from others, all on this page! Explore here!

Our Bambu Lab 3D Printers Range 

  • Bambu Lab P1S + 3D Bundle

  • Bambu Lab X1: Carbon Combo + 3D Bundle

  • Bambu Lab X1E Combo

  • Bambu Lab P1S Combo + 3D Bundle

  • Bambu Lab X1 Carbon + 3D Bundle

  • Bambu Lab P1P + 3D Bundle

  • Bambu Lab A1 Mini + 3D Bundle

  • Bambu Lab A1 + 3D Bundle

What Makes Bambu Lab 3D Printers Exceptional

Cutting-Edge Features of the Bambu Lab Printers

In the field of 3D printing, Bambu Lab is redefining the notion of good investment by introducing cutting-edge technology such as LiDAR scanning, fast print rates, and software driven by artificial intelligence. These technologies were previously only available on high-end industrial equipment.

High Speed and Multi-color Capability

Bambu Lab printers use a CoreXY system allowing fast printing speeds. Also, their printers can handle multiple colours and materials simultaneously, owing to the Automatic Material System (AMS). This allows for more creative and functional prints.

Advanced Material Handling

These 3D printers can print with a greater variety of materials, including abrasive filaments like carbon fibre and glass fibre, compared to desktop 3D printers due to their specific characteristics, such as a hardened nozzle and a carburized driving gear.

Wide Range of Printers

Bambu Lab offers a variety of 3D printers to cater to a wide range of requirements and price points. The X1 series is designed for high-performance printing, the P1 series is designed for enclosed printing with advanced filaments, and the A1 series is intended for a more affordable amount.


What are Bambu Lab filaments made of?

One of the primary materials of Bambu Lab filaments is PLA. This biodegradable thermoplastic is created from sustainable sources such as sugarcane or cornstarch. Besides, these filaments are derived from various eco-friendly materials, such as natural fibres or recycled plastics. 

How do I store Bambu Lab filaments to ensure their quality?

Store these filaments in a cold, dry area free from direct sunlight and moisture. This will ensure that the filaments retain their quality long into the future. To remove moisture from the filaments, keep them in their original packing or apply a desiccant. It is best to avoid keeping them in close proximity to sources of heat or temperatures to prevent warping or degeneration.

Can I use Bambu Lab filaments for functional or structural prints?

Yes, Bambu Lab offers filaments designed explicitly for functional and structural prints. Their high-performance filaments, like PET-CF and PAHT-CF, boast more strength, durability, and heat resistance than standard filaments like PLA. These properties make them ideal for parts that must bear loads or withstand demanding environments.

Do Bambu Lab printers come with software for slicing and printing?

Yes, the printing process is streamlined using Bambu Studio slicing and Bambu Handy monitoring and control applications. By allowing you to monitor and manage the printing process from any device remotely, you will be confident throughout complicated multi-day prints. To prevent processes from being fragmented, the printers also include native support for the sophisticated 3MF file format, which allows for the bundling of models, settings, and metadata.