Modix Large-format 3D Printers

Modix Large-format 3D printers is your best next 3D printer!

Modix 3D printers are high-quality, large-format 3D printers designed for professional and industrial use. They offer a range of features such as a large build volume, high precision, and compatibility with a variety of materials, including ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, and more. Modix 3D printers are also known for their reliability and ease of use, with features such as automatic bed leveling and a user-friendly interface. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, from prototyping and small-scale production to larger-scale industrial projects. With their superior quality and versatility, Modix 3D printers are a popular choice for engineers, designers, and manufacturers looking to take their 3D printing capabilities to the next level.
  • Modix Large-format 3D Printers
  • Modix Large-format 3D Printers
  • Modix Large-format 3D Printers
  • Modix Large-format 3D Printers

Why Choose Modix Large-format 3D Printers?

Expansive build volume

Modix printers accommodate sizable projects without compromising quality.

Scalable, modular architecture

Simplifies customization, upgrades, and maintenance.

Affordable, high-performance

Delivers professional-grade results at a competitive price point.

Whitepaper: Before You Buy A Large-Format 3D Printer


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Modix benefits and features

  • Large-scale printing: Modix printers cater to larger projects, expanding creative possibilities.

  • Robust frame: Ensures stability and durability for long-lasting, reliable performance.

  • High precision: Achieves accurate, detailed prints with minimal errors.

  • Dual extruder option: Allows for multi-material and multi-color printing.

  • Auto bed leveling: Simplifies calibration and ensures optimal print quality.

  • Wide material compatibility: Supports various materials like PLA, ABS, PETG, and more.
  • Active community support: Offers access to resources, updates, and troubleshooting assistance.

  • Cost-effective: Provides professional-grade printing at a competitive price point.

  • Applications: Suitable for prototyping, manufacturing, architectural models, and artistic projects.

Our Collection Of Modix Large 3D Printers

At 3D Printing USA, we offer outstanding large 3D printers to suit your printing needs when size is the driving factor. Explore our complete product range:

  • MODIX3D BIG60 V4 3D PRINTER KIT (600X600X660MM) - The Modix BIG-60 v4 3D printer is a flagship model known for its large build volume and premium components, providing a competitive price point. It comes in a self-assembly kit with the option for assembly service and offers features like an IDEX dual printing add-on for more intricate designs and fully automated calibration for precise prints. The enhancements in the Generation 4 model include a fresh design update, improved enclosure features, faster printing speeds, and automated calibration routines for optimized performance. It is equipped with NEMA 23 motors, optical end-stops, and improved PTFE management.

  • MODIX3D 120X V4 3D PRINTER KIT (1200X600X640MM) - This printer kit is ideal for industrial-scale projects. It features a modern design and improved enclosure along with options like IDEX dual print-head, fast 3D printing capabilities, and automated calibration for enhanced functionality. Safety features include an emergency stop button, a frontal power switch, and an optical end-stop. 

  • MODIX3D 120Z V4 3D PRINTER KIT (600X600X1200MM) - Modix BIG-120Z 3D Printer - It can print tall objects in one piece, enhancing strength while reducing post-processing time. With a sturdy construction and improved enclosure features, it's ideal for various industries, including visual communication, interior design, art, and engineering. It comes with an IDEX dual print head add-on, fully automated calibration, fast 3D printing, and enhanced safety and accessibility features like an emergency stop button, frontal power switch, tilt screen, and improved Z-axis.

  • MODIX3D 180X V4 3D PRINTER KIT (1800X600X600MM) - Modix BIG-180X is a trailblazing 3D printer offering an oversized print volume. It caters to industrial-scale projects and features a Griffin print head, Duet3D Wifi 32-bit controller, and a dual extruder option, opening possibilities for complex designs.  

  • MODIX3D BIG METER V4 3D PRINTER KIT (1010X1010X1010MM) - This Modix Printer Kit is facilitated by a sturdy self-assembly and dual Griffin extruder system. It comes with automated calibration, fast printing speeds, and enhanced safety features like an emergency stop button. The IDEX dual printing add-on provides independent control of dual extruders, enabling advanced printing capabilities. 

  • MODIX3D EVEREST 3D PRINTER KIT (1000X1000X2000MM) - It is a game-changer in large-format 3D printing. Equipped with the Griffin Ultra hotend, it can print up to 500 grams per hour, ensuring rapid production. The reinforced frame made of 4080mm profiles provides stability, and the user-friendly features, such as the tilt screen and enclosure, enhance safety and accessibility. Optional add-ons like the magnetic bed and IDEX dual print head offer versatility for tailored printing needs, making it an ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Which Modix Large 3D Printer Is Suitable For Me?

Here's a guide to help you determine which Modix large 3D printer best suits your needs.

Size of Project (Print Volume)

Small to Medium-Sized Projects: The MODIX3D BIG-60 V4 with a print volume of 600x600x660mm is perfect for small to medium-sized projects. It's highly versatile and can handle various materials with ease, making it a favorite among engineers and designers for prototyping due to its high precision and detailed print capabilities.

Medium to Large Projects: For medium to large projects, the MODIX3D BIG-METER V4 offers a spacious 1010x1010x1010mm print volume. This model is ideal for users who need a large, square build area and combines high-speed printing with the ability to manage multiple materials and colors.

Very Large Projects: The MODIX3D 180X V4 is geared towards very large industrial projects with its 1800x600x600mm build volume. It is perfect for creating full-scale models and industrial parts due to its robust frame and high-performance specifications.

Vertical Print Capacity

If you need to print very tall objects, the MODIX3D EVEREST V4 stands out with its ability to print exceptionally tall objects up to 2 meters. It also offers a massive 1000x1000x2000mm print volume. This model is excellent for industries like aerospace, automotive, and sculpture, where vertical print capacity is crucial.

Speed and Precision

Speed and Precision for Industrial Use: The MODIX3D 120X V4 offers a large print volume of 1200x600x640mm with a balance of speed and precision. It's ideal for manufacturing and architectural models, and the optional IDEX dual print head adds the capability for complex multi-material prints.

Fast Printing for Large-Scale Projects: Both the MODIX3D 180X V4 and MODIX3D BIG-METER V4 provide rapid printing speeds essential for large-scale projects. These models can achieve travel speeds of up to 350 mm/s and produce high-quality prints at speeds of 100 mm/s and above.

Automated Calibration

All Modix Generation 4 models of large 3D printers, including the BIG-60 V4, 120X V4, and 180X V4, feature comprehensive automated calibration routines, including bed tilt, leveling, and gantry alignment, ensuring precision and ease of use.

Customizable Add-Ons

The ability to add optional features like the IDEX dual print head, active air filter, magnetic bed, and filament drying system provides flexibility to tailor the printer to specific needs. For example, the MODIX3D 120Z V4, with its 600x600x1200mm build volume, includes various customizable add-ons that enhance its utility across different industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Modix large-format 3D printers apart from other brands?

Modix large-format 3D printers distinguish themselves with their exceptional build volumes, robust construction, and advanced features like automated calibration and safety enhancements. Their ability to print tall objects, combined with precision and speed, makes them ideal for industrial-scale projects across various sectors.

How does Modix ensure quality and reliability in their printers?

Modix ensures quality and reliability in its printers through rigorous testing, high-quality components, and continuous improvement.

Are Modix printers suitable for prototyping as well as production?

Yes, Modix printers are suitable for both prototyping and production, offering precision, speed, and versatility. 

Can Modix printers be used in conjunction with other 3D printing technologies?

These 3D printers can be integrated with other 3D printing technologies, enabling hybrid manufacturing processes to leverage the strengths of different methods for enhanced flexibility and efficiency in diverse applications.