3D Printing Canada’s Maple Leaf Benchy: Taking the Torture Test to New Heights

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3D Printing Canada’s Maple Leaf Benchy: Taking the Torture Test to New Heights

Have you ever wondered why people keep 3D printing little boats on their 3D printers? If yes, then you are not alone because most first-time users of a 3D printer generally end up asking this same question.

The little boats which you see everywhere on the internet is call a 3D benchmark or ‘3D Benchy’ and it is basically a test carried out to the limits of a 3D printer, how a new filament functions and a 3D printer’s software calibrations.

As good as the 3D Benchy or little boat test is, it still misses out on some key tests you would like to carry out on your 3D printer. These tests include checking out how accurately a 3D printer prints texts and renders sharp edges.


The 3DPC Benchy puts every aspect of your 3D printer’s hardware and software to the test. It tests your 3D printer’s ability to print and highlights the issue you need to troubleshoot. These include:

Layer Separation:

If the extruded layers are not sticking to the build platform when printing the Maple Leaf Benchy, note that the extrusion temperature in use is inadequate or too cold. This is a calibration issue which you can solve by re-calibrating extrusion temperature using the required software application.


The Maple Leaf Benchy allows you observe any stringing that may occur when using your 3D printer. Ensure that you observe the space between the letters and the side surface of the Benchy.


The Benchy comes with adequate overhangs at the top end—shaped like a crown or the edges of a maple leaf—to test how well your 3D printer can consistently 3D print parts without any support below them.

The Maple Leaf Benchy Model

The 3DPC Benchy is provided in an STL format which you can download and make use of. This is a high resolution file which will test the quality of prints your 3D printer produces. It can be downloaded here. The dimensions of the Benchy are:

The Maple Leaf Base: 50x20x5mm

Letters at the Base Font size:

Letters at the side extruded at:

Adjacent leaf overhangs inclination: 45 degrees

Top Leaf Window:

Leaf sharp edges inclination: 40 degrees

This shape and size was designed with one thing in mind; to test the printing abilities of a 3D printer and its software calibrations.

3D Print Settings

After downloading the file and importing it to your software, make use of this generic print-settings, if using an FDM printer:

Scale: 1:1

Layer height: 0.2mm*

Print Speed (extrusion): approximately 50mm/s

Print nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

3D Printing the Maple Leaf Benchy

The parameters to take note of before commencing the test on your 3D printer include the following:

Build Time: 1hour 14 minutes

Filament length: 4983.1mm

Material cost: 0.45

Watch the video below for more information

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