Best Large Format Resin 3D Printers

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Best Large Format Resin 3D Printers

The resin 3D printer market has been blown wide open in 2021 with the introduction of large-format options at never-before-seen, affordable prices (ex: Peopoly). In the past, a large-format resin 3D printer would have run you tens of thousands of dollars, which ended up really limiting the spread of the technology. Now, thanks to ambitious innovation, resin 3D printers are available in bigger formats than ever before and available under $10,000 CAD- a feat that was truly unimaginable only a few years ago.

To accommodate your most imaginative, massive resin projects, you need a 3D printer that can keep up. There are four key criteria with which you should evaluate your printer: maximum print volume, resolution, technology, and price. As industry experts in large-format 3D printing, we’re always toying with the latest technology to deliver premium products to customers like you, so we’ve done our fair share of market research with these principles in mind.

Time and time again, we find ourselves coming back to Peopoly’s line of high-quality printers. We rave about their truly massive print capacity, their ability to produce detailed prints, and economical price tag. You’re unlocking access to top-tier features without paying ridiculous prices. Like what, you ask? Allow me to introduce our top three large-format resin 3D printers picks from Peopoly, so you can select the machine that’s best suited to your needs.

1) Peopoly Phenom

 If you’ve already heard of Peopoly, you’ve likely heard about Phenom. This is the printer that put this company on the map, as it’s now one of the most popular large format MSLA printers on the market. Their cutting-edge MSLA technology allows you to print resin faster than ever before without compromising quality. With an impressive print volume of 276x155x400mm and resolution of 72um, rest assured that Phenom can handle your biggest, most intricate prints with ease.

2) Peopoly Phenom L

The Peopoly Phenom L brings all the amazing qualities of the Phenom to the table, including MSLA technology, but boasts an even larger print volume of 345.6x194.4x400mm. Did we mention that the resolution is higher too? Coming in at 90 um, you’d be hard pressed to find another large-format resin 3D printer that can retain that level of quality at this size of print. Naturally, this comes with a slightly higher price tag, but we think it’s reasonable.

3) Peopoly Noir

In need of a large print, stat? The Peopoly Noir should be your to-go. This large-format resin 3D printer is designed for speed by using MSLA technology and a monochromatic light system to cure resin and produce parts faster than ever. Minimal production time meets maximum quality thanks to a printing volume of 294x165x400mm and resolution of 77um. Now that’s impressive.

In our opinion, the best part of the Peopoly brand is its dedication to MSLA technology, as this significantly reduces curing time compared to more traditional methods. Rapid prototyping with huge product outputs is now within your reach. With all printers clocking in at under $6,000 CAD, these incredible printers are affordable for dedicated hobbyists and true professionals alike.

Of course, securing your 3D printer is only half the battle. It’s also important to readily have access to the products and supplies to use it. We’re talking sensors, fans, panels, vats, plates, films, resin, and more. Fortunately, Peopoly products optimized for Peopoly 3D printers are widely available in Canada. In fact, we offer a wide range of supplies in our own shop so you have access to the parts you need, right when you need them.  

Want to learn more about the best large format resin 3D printers? Reach out to our team of Peopoly experts. We’re on standby to answer your questions and help to point you in the right direction. Reach out here by email or by calling +1 (905) 963-9066. We’re excited to speak with you!