Introducing the 3D Printing Canada You Tube Channel

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Introducing the 3D Printing Canada You Tube Channel

3D Printing Canada’s YouTube is Live!

A great picture, they say, is worth a thousand words which bellies the question; how many words is a great video worth? Regardless of your answer to this, 3DPC would like anyone who has loved our blog posts, bought a 3D printing machine, filament or part to know that the 3DPC You Tube channel is live!

The idea behind going live was to provide our teeming clients and everyone interested in 3D printing with a video hub where you can learn about the 3D printing subject matters close to your heart. This means you can be among the first people to see a new 3D printing machine unboxed and assembled, learn about diverse printing techniques as well as witness different DIY repairs/solutions been executed.

Occasionally, we also provide you with extensive reviews on the new products—3D printers, filaments etc.—available at the 3DPC online shop with the aim of helping you make more-informed purchasing decisions.

Our dedication to providing you with nothing but the best and accurate information will continue on the 3DPC You Tube channel. And a majority of the information we will be passing on to you, will be presented by either Ryan, Jason, Chris or James our most experienced creators at 3DPC.  So why not sit back, relax and subscribe to our You Tube channel in order to receive regular updates on 3D printing.  

Come check it out here