3D Design Services

Each and every 3D print begins as a 3D model, but unfortunately, most 3D printing software tools are expensive and difficult to master. Here at 3D Printing Canada, we’re happy to do the heavy lifting for your 3D printing preparation. We foot the bill for the latest software and provide experts who have mastered the technology. This allows our clients to benefit from a high-quality design without the scary price-tag or high time investment.

With over 35 years of experience in design services, our experts are proficient in the latest and greatest design software. We know how to deliver a perfect 3D model, every time, to your most precise specifications. We’re happy to create designs from scratch, but if you simply want feedback on an existing 3D model that you’ve drawn up, we can also make that happen. After all, sometimes the smallest tweaks can make the biggest difference in the integrity and quality of a print!

Our software is capable of procedural modelling, parametric modelling, procedural workflow, slicing, editing, and much more. We’ll ensure that our design is compatible with your printer, printing material, and print method, allowing you to experience a stress-free 3D printing experience.

Let us bring your vision to life- we have the tools, people, and expertise to make it happen.

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