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At 3D Printing Canada, we offer remote support and training for 3D printers. If you can't make it to our offices in Hamilton, Ontario, we can schedule a meeting with one of our expert technicians via phone or video call. Our remote services include diagnosing issues, providing technical support, and helping with repairs. Schedule an appointment today to experience our quick, professional, and personalized remote support and training services for your 3D printer.
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Why choose us?

It Is a practical choice

Maximize your 3D printing productivity by entrusting us with the technical aspects of your printer's repair needs. Focus on creating and leave the repairs to us.

Get up and running quickly

Get quick and efficient solutions to your 3D printer challenges by relying on our team of experienced technicians. Trust us to diagnose and repair your printer with expertise and professionalism.

Workmanship guarantee

To provide you with peace of mind, 3D Printing Canada offers a technical repair workmanship guarantee. You can trust in the quality of our repair services and the expertise of our technicians.

Local technical services

At our office in Hamilton, Ontario, we have a team of fully-trained 3D printer technicians ready to diagnose and repair your printer with their expertise and professionalism.