Multijet 3D Printing Services

MJP (Multi Jet Printing) 3D printing is one of our latest 3D printing technologies that we’re proud to offer our clients. MJP is renowned for its ability to execute a high level of detail and maintain consistency in mechanical properties, so we like to recommend this type of print for housings, complex parts like ductwork, connectors, and parts with hidden components. If you need help designing these tricky pieces, we have designers at the ready to help create the perfect part. Simply send us a message to get started.

MJP is an inkjet printing process that uses piezo printhead technology to deposit photocurable plastic resin materials layer by layer. The most significant reason to use MJP is that it uses melt able wax support so post processing is very simple and does not damage fine features. This process has the highest Z-direction resolution with layer thicknesses as low as 16microns. The combination of melt away support and fin resolution allows us to produce parts never before possible.

MJP materials are available to mimic ABS, Polypropylene, as well as those with very Rigid or Rubber like properties. Applications such as functional prototypes, casting patterns, jigs & fixtures, final functional parts and even medical applications requiring biocompatibility.

We love MJP printing for its incredible accuracy and ability to produce internal features. Yet still with fast cycle times and scalability. We have the most cutting-edge technology so we’re able to scale to thousands of parts in record-time, without breaking your bank. Sound like you could benefit from our services? We’d be happy to help.

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