• 0.3mm Nozzle Cleaning Drill - 10 Pack
  • 0.3mm Nozzle Cleaning Drill - 10 Pack

0.3mm nozzle cleaning drill. Perfect for more stubborn or hard to remove nozzle clogs. Works with nozzles 0.3mm or larger. 

0.4mm and 0.3mm are commonly found on most printers such as the Creality Cr-10, Wanhao Duplicator i3 and others.

To use, heat your hot end up to the temperature of the clogged filament. Once up to temperature, carefully insert the drill bit into the tip of the nozzle. Take care to ensure the drill bit is inserted straight as to not bend or break the bit. Once inserted, twist the drill bit by hand several times to remove the clog. Remove the bit and try extruding again. Repeat as necessary to clear the clog. 

0.3mm Nozzle Cleaning Drill - 10 Pack

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