• ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K
  • ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K

ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K Resin 3D Printer - A New Dimension in High-Resolution 3D Printing

Saturn 3 Ultra


Model By Loot Studios

Step into the future of 3D printing with the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K, a pinnacle of precision and technological excellence. Tailored for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this printer takes your creative potential to new heights, delivering results that truly stand out.

Key Features:

12K Mono LCD Screen
  • Phenomenal 12K Resolution: Boasting an impressive 12K mono LCD screen, the Saturn 3 Ultra 12K offers unparalleled detail in every print, perfect for intricate models and fine textures.
Reliable Printing
  • Expansive Printing Area: With its substantial build volume, this printer caters to larger-scale projects or multiple prints in one go, offering both versatility and efficiency.
  • Rapid Printing Speeds: Time is valuable, and the Saturn 3 Ultra 12K ensures quick printing without compromising on the quality, thanks to its advanced light source and optimized printing algorithms.
COB + Refractive Light Source
  • Long-Lasting Durability: The high-quality 12K mono LCD screen is not only precise but also robust, promising a long lifespan and consistent performance over time.
IPS Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Intuitive User Interface: Navigate through your printing process with ease using the user-friendly touchscreen interface, designed for a hassle-free experience.
  • Advanced Slicing Software: The included slicing software is intuitive for beginners and feature-rich for seasoned users, ensuring a seamless preparation of your 3D models for printing.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Offering a variety of connectivity options like USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, the Saturn 3 Ultra 12K integrates effortlessly into your existing workflow.
Solid Z-Axis Ball Screw
  • Robust Build Quality: Designed with a sturdy metal frame and high-quality components, this printer guarantees stability and top-notch print quality with every use.
  • Quiet and Efficient Operation: Its design minimizes noise, making it suitable for quiet workspaces and home environments.
  • Wide Resin Compatibility: Experiment with a vast range of resins to find the perfect match for your diverse projects and applications.
Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K

With the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K, you're not just buying a 3D printer; you're investing in a tool that opens up a world of possibilities. Whether for professional or personal use, it stands as a beacon of innovation in 3D printing technology. Order now and step into the future of 3D printing!

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ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K

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