Introducing the New Line of Creality 3D Printers in Stock

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Introducing the New Line of Creality 3D Printers in Stock

From time to time, we update our inventory of 3D printers, accessories and tools available in our stores and due to our corporate responsibility to you; we ensure that interested members of the public are duly informed. We are delighted to let you know that the full range of Creality’s versatile 3D printers are currently in stock and with less than $1000, you can start 3D printing today!

Why Creality 3D?

Although Creality 3D is relatively new to the additive manufacturing community—as it was created in 2014 –, the China-based firm has quickly made in-roads into the hearts and minds of 3D printing hobbyists and enthusiasts.

This is due to the versatility a Creality 3D printer brings to the table in terms of its 3D printing features as well as the affordable costs associated with most of Creality’s products. Therefore, if you have been sold by the reviews of Creality’s 3D printer series and are interested in purchasing one; then you are at the right place.

At 3DPC, we currently have the full range of Creality’s 3D CR-10 printers which includes:

You can learn more about each of these 3D printers and how to pre-order from 3DPC by clicking on each of the highlighted types.

Get More Versatile with the CR – 10s

The CR – 10s is definitely a great upgrade over the slightly older Cr – 10 versions as its features show. Although it is also a desktop 3D printer, the CR – 10s provides you with more build space which allows you create larger 3D prints for your personal use. The 3D printer also makes use of the FDM technique and is definitely easy to use.

You can also 3D print multiple filament types whenever you choose without fear of unwanted wear and tears due to the durability of the CR – 10s. It is also important to note that this 3D printer is open-source and works well with most of the slicer/3D printing software applications you can lay your hands on. You can also pre-order the CR – 10s here.

Take Advantage of the Formidable Build Space of the CR – 10 s4

This is a 3D printer you will have to assemble from scratch but on completion, you will get a powerful machine which can be used to 3D print industrial-grade filaments for commercial parts. And with all the stability and durability it brings to the table, the CR – 10 4s sells for less than a $1000 in our store. So why not take advantage of this industrial machine by pre-ordering it today!

When size and stability are what you are looking for in a 3D printer, the Creality CR – 10 4s offers you both at a budget! The CR – 10 4s is built for professional users who are interested in 3D printing commercial objects for public use. Obviously, this 3D printer is an upgrade of the 10s and is for anyone looking to 3D print with more space, precision, and quality.

Go Bigger with the CR – 10 s5!

The big brother of the Creality 3D printer series is also on offer in our store! The CR – 10 5s is definitely the industrial-grade 3D printer you have been looking for to develop those components and objects that are way too big for small desktop 3D printers. Its large build volume is powered by the FDM printing technique which ensures its ease of use.

The CR – 10 5s is also an open-source 3D printer which works with every slicing/3D printing software apps currently available to you. In terms of the material it 3D prints, the CR – 10 5s works with PCB, metal, ceramic and other industrial-grade filament types. You can pre-order this highly efficient 3D printer today.

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