Magigoo Unboxing and Review: The Best 3D Printing Bed Adhesive

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Magigoo Unboxing and Review: The Best 3D Printing Bed Adhesive

I love and rave about Magigoo.

Magigoo is a bed adhesive, which means it helps prints stick to the printing bed. I used to swear by hairspray, until someone gave me a sample pack of Magigoo, now I won’t use anything else.

Magigoo is only good or glass or mirrors. I haven't tried it on BuildTak or PEI. It is heat activated, meaning you should apply the product to a cool bed and then heat the printer to activate it. The print will stick to the bed until it cools back down.

Applying Magigoo

Start with a room temperature printing bed. In the video below we applied it to the Creality CR-10 s4. Make sure to shake your can of Magigoo. Remove the cap and press the tip to one corner of the bed, gently run it across the entire board horizontally to cover the whole board, then repeat vertically.

how to use magigoo

You only want a thin layer and you don’t have to cover every single square inch. Don’t forget to put the cover back on. Do not apply when the bed it hot. You will ruin the sponge and might as well throw it away.

Once you heat up the bed, the Magigoo will harden. It will not be sticky or tacky, but smooth.

Printing with Magigoo

Our sample print covered most of the printing bed. You can see it in action in our video. Even the smallest sections of the first layer of the print are beautifully stuck to the printing bed.

Removing the Print

Once the print is finished, it will stick to the bed until it cools down to about room temperature.

The print won’t just slide off, you will have to peel it off the bed, but it will be easy. You can see it in our video, we used a putty knife to easily peel our super thin print off the bed.

Magigoo is a great product, try it out and let us know if it works for you!