Modix New Version 3.0 for Big-60 & Big-120X Large 3D Printers

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Modix New Version 3.0 for Big-60 & Big-120X Large 3D Printers

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- Modix (, a global developer of large format 3D printers announces
the availability of the new version 3.0 of its flagship 3D Printers: Modix Big-60 & Modix Big-120X.

Modix’s large 3D printers are unique in the market of large industrial 3D printers. They are delivered as self-assembly kits, creating a product which allows customers to enjoy high quality large 3D printer at a competitive purchasing and shipment cost.  Modix 3D printers are designed with high-quality components which are widely accepted by the 3D printing industry. Together with Modix’s modular design, customers can easily customize the 3D printer for their specific printing needs.
Version 3.0, now available, represents a major advancement in the printer’s reliability, print quality and assembly process.

What’s new with version 3.0:

  1. A non-compromise “Component Dream Team. While version 2.0 offered several key premium components, in version 3.0, all key components are now the market best-of-breed offering, Including print head, controller, drivers, user-interface, motion system etc.
    1. Duet3D controller, a 32bit advanced electronic controller, providing WIFI, advanced drivers and more.
    2. Triaminic TMC2660 Motor Driver – digitally controlled, super quiet and stronger than before.
    3. User interface - 7” touch screen and web browser access in addition to SD card and USB.
    4. E3D Aero extruder with a larger heatsink and a stronger cooling fan providing better performance in a closed chamber.
    5. Upgraded motion system with higher grade HIWIN MGW guide rails.
  2. A totally new printer design which enables a simplified and shorter assembly process.
  3. New user manuals that include more than 80 assembly tutorial videos.
  4. 10% taller print space of 660mm (instead of 600 in previous version).
  5. New rigid enclosure made of black Aluminum composite panels (ACP) and Polycarbonate made doors.
  6. Improved dual direct-drive extrusion designed for flowless printing with soluble filament support.
  7. Compatibility with the full range of E3D hotends: V6 for detailed prints, Volcano (default) and super volcano for extremely fast extrusion of large objects.

For additional information about the updated technical specs, please click here:

Version 3.0 New Pricing:

Modix Big-60 V3 base model price is 3,700 USD  (previous version was 3,500 USD)
Modix Big-120X V3 base model price is 6,500 USD   (previous version was 6,000 USD)
For the complete pricing details, please refer to our web shop:

Mr. Shachar Gafni, Modix CEO: "Version 3.0 represent the maturing of our winning ‘go-to-market’ approach. The combination of high-end components, and the affordable self-assembly kit is becoming attractive to more and more customers as their best next 3D printer choice. Modix is proud to serve the largest global brands such as Boeing, Amazon, Volvo, Porsche, Kimberly-Clark and more, while at the same time, meeting the budget of start-ups and SME’s.”

Mr. John Van EL, Modix CCO: " Modix’s brand is gaining attention, recognition and confidence in the professional market.
We are honored by the desire for potential cooperation by leading market players as Modix’s reputation for high quality product and high-quality service is spreading. Version 3.0 is also answering the important requests of our reseller partners".

About Modix: Modix Modular Technologies LTD. is a Tel-Aviv based developer of large format 3D printers. Modix 3D printers are based on cherry-picked, heavy duty premium components providing reliability and high-quality prints for end users.

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