• Creality Space Pi Filament Dryer Plus (Double Spool)
Certified by ETL Intertek to CSA SPE-1000 Standards

Two rolls capacity, double drying
Adjustable temperature 45℃-70℃
Real-time humidity & temperature monitoring
Drying time setting 0-48h
360° hot-air heating
One-key set for 12 filaments

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Why We Need Filament Dryer

Wet 3D printing filament can result in stringing, clogging, poor adhesion, and layer shifting. The Creality Space Pi Filament Dryer solves these issues by drying the filament during the printing process itself, enhancing your 3D model quality and minimizing the influence of external environmental factors on the printing of 3D filaments.

Two Rolls Capacity Design

It contains 2 rolls of 1 kg filaments and is also equippeed with 4 filament holes and PTFE pipes to meet the needs of users drying a wide range of filaments as well as 2 printers at the same time.

Advanced PTC Heating Technology

Our filament dryer employs a unique 110W PTC heater towarm up the space, a feature that sets us apart in the market. UUnlike most filament dryers that use a PI heating pad and oftenresult in uneven drying, our model with the PTC heater ensures uniform drying. This PTC heater is not only durable and energy-saving, but also eco-friendly

Double PTC 360° Hot-air Heating

The dryer quickly heats with a built-in fan, circulating hot air 360° for uniform heating, effectively drying moisture filaments and improving printing results.

One-key Set for 12 Filaments

It has one-key temperature settings for different filament types, supporting up to 12 types of filaments, including comnnon and high-performance composite like PLA-CF,PA-CF, ASA. CIf course, you can also freely adjust the temperature between 45*C and 70°C

LCD Touch Screen

The Creality Space Pi Filament Dryer Plus comes with a 4-inch touch screen for easy operation, making it simple for you to track drying conditions.

Parameter Power-off Memory Function


48 Hours Timer Function

The heating duration can be freely set from 0-48 hours, allowing the filaments to be fully dried for better printing results.

Details Make Differences

Start a New High-SpeedPrinting Experience

Pair high-speed printers and high-speed filaments to achieve a fast and high-quality printing experience!

Creality Space Pi Filament Dryer Plus (Double Spool)

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