• Duet PanelDue 5i v1.0
  • Duet PanelDue 5i v1.0

The PanelDue 7i is a colour touch screen controller for the Duet and other 3D-printing electronics that support it. The integrated version is a custom-made high-quality 7-inch or 5-inch TFT LCD panels with 800x 480 pixel resolution from a leading manufacturer, with the PanelDue controller integrated on the LCD’s PCB.

The 4.3 inch version uses the PanelDue control board and a 480×272 pixels 4.3-inch screen. Note that the lower resolution of the 4.3” display means that it cannot display as much information on the screen. Alternatively, the control board can be purchased without a screen. In this case a SSD1963 LCD panel is required in one of 3 screen sizes/resolutions: 4.3″ (480×272), 5″ and 7″ (800×480 pixels).



5i and 7i = 800×480 pixels.
4.3 = 480×272 pixels.


A 300mm long ribbon cable (maximum recommended length) is supplied for the on board SD card, power and serial data.
Alternatively if the onboard SD card is not required then a 4-wire cable for the serial and power connections is also supplied (1m long)


5V power from host 3D printer controller.
2-wire async serial interface with 3.3V signal level (5V tolerant input).


Runs PanelDue firmware: PanelDueFirmware

Duet PanelDue 5i v1.0

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