• E3D Hemera XS Bowden Coldside
Hemera XS is a classic E3D Extruder designed to enhance your 3D printing experience. Its custom stepper motor enables faster movement on your printer's motion system with reduced inertia, minimizing print artifacts like ghosting. Hemera's custom mounting system allows for the attachment of various accessories, including bed leveling probes and expansion boards.

Capable with a wide range of 3D printing filaments:
Enjoy excellent performance with all 3D printing materials, including challenging ones like flexibles and abrasives. Enhanced extrusion and retraction control enables printing of soft flexibles with a shore hardness as low as 75A!

Backwards compatible:
The heatsink geometry for Revo Hemera XS accepts Revo Nozzles as well as V6 nozzles with a Hemera HeatBreak (sold separately).

All the force you need:
Hemera XS provides ample extrusion force to drive the entire E3D ecosystem, including high-flow HotEnds like SuperVolcano and Revo High Flow Nozzles.

Less likely to strip filament:
In case of a jam, the filament drive mechanism for Hemera XS will stall instead of stripping filament, making recovery easier and allowing you to resume 3D printing quickly.

- 1 x Hemera XS
- 1 x Motor cable
- 1 x Hemera Fixings kit
- 1 x 40x40mm fan
- 1 x cable tie

E3D Hemera XS Bowden Coldside

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