• E3D Roto Coldside with Bowdaptor and Cables
Roto: The Extruder Revo Deserves
Roto is meticulously engineered to strike a perfect balance between weight (140g) and force (70N+), making it the lightest and most power-dense 3D printing extruder available.

Lightweight yet Full of Force
The roto gearbox combines a planetary initial stage with a spur secondary stage and a dual hobb third stage. This design delivers ample extrusion force to fully utilize our Revo High Flow nozzles' maximum volumetric flow rates, ensuring optimal performance without filament grind failure.

Maintenance Minded
Designed for ease of use, accessing the hobbs requires removing three bolts to detach the heatsink and filament path while keeping the extruder body mounted in place. Additionally, the revamped filament tensioning system features a simple bi-stable mechanism for effortless filament loading and cold pulls, enabling one-handed nozzle changes and filament release.

Cool Design
Roto boasts a revolutionary 3D printed metal heatsink, crafted through SLM 3D printing for unparalleled design freedom and optimization. This heatsink efficiently dissipates heat, preventing heat creep by conducting heat away and directing airflow to disrupt radiating heat from the HotSide, ensuring superior thermal performance.

Standard… or Smart
Roto's evolution extends beyond its base performance characteristics. Opt for the sensored bundle to integrate filament monitoring, an action button, fan speed monitoring, and heatsink temperature monitoring into your workflow. With these features, enjoy remote monitoring and simplified maintenance for a hassle-free 3D printing experience.

Bowden Roto:
- 1 x Revo Motor with cable
- 1 x Fixings kit
- 1 x Bowdaptor
- 2 x Heatsink washers
- 1 x Bowden tubing

E3D Roto Coldside with Bowdaptor and Cables

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