• Gun Metal Grey - Canadian-made PETG+ Filament - 1.75mm, 1 kg

Strong 3D Printing Material Made in Canada

Improve your 3D prints with 3D Printing Canada’s PETG+ filament.

Product Information

PETG+ filament has the reputation of strong, temperature resistant, durable, and easy to print. The higher melt flow of PETG+ permits higher speed 3D printing, similar to that of PLA. PETG+ exhibits excellent impact strength, which makes it ideal for printing components that need to absorb impact shock without fracture.

Technical Details

Please note that filament must be dried at a lower temperature for longer in order to prevent damage to the spool.



Nozzle Temperature

225°C-255°C (depending on the printer models)

Bed Temperature

55 – 75°C




1.75 mm


1 kg


Please note that Gun Metal Grey is an extremely dark grey colour, which almost resembles a lighter shade of black.

Gun Metal Grey - Canadian-made PETG+ Filament - 1.75mm, 1 kg

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