• Modix Griffin Silicone Sock – 3 Units

Protect and maintain your Modix Griffin Hotend with the Modix Griffin Silicone Sock. This pack of three silicone socks provides essential thermal insulation and protection for your hotend, ensuring consistent and reliable printing performance.


The Modix Griffin Silicone Sock is designed to fit snugly over the hotend assembly, providing thermal insulation to maintain stable printing temperatures and protect against heat fluctuations. Key features of this product include:

    • Thermal Insulation:

The silicone material of the sock acts as a barrier, preventing heat loss and ensuring consistent temperatures during printing. This helps reduce the risk of thermal fluctuations and improves print quality.

    • Protection:

By covering the hotend, the silicone sock offers protection against dust, debris, and filament residue. It helps prevent clogs and blockages, prolonging the lifespan of your hotend and reducing maintenance requirements.

    • Compatibility:

Designed specifically for the Modix Griffin Hotend, these silicone socks provide a precise fit and seamless integration with the hotend assembly.

    • Convenience:

With three silicone socks included in each pack, you can easily replace worn or damaged socks as needed, ensuring continuous protection for your hotend and uninterrupted printing.

Modix Griffin Silicone Sock – 3 Units

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