• E3D Revo™ ObXidian™ High Flow Nozzle 1.75mm-1.0mm
Experience unparalleled durability with our ObXidian™ nozzles, boasting wear resistance orders of magnitude higher than any other E3D nozzle. Crafted with a tool steel insert and coated with our proprietary E3DLC™ coating, ObXidian ensures longevity and minimal plastic buildup around the nozzle.

Higher Flow.
Revo ObXidian™ High Flow elevates your setup's volumetric flow rate, allowing you to print abrasive materials at accelerated speeds!

How does this work?
Revo™ High Flow maintains the standard Revo HotEnds form factor, eliminating the need for adjustments to your existing mount and fan duct setups! These High Flow nozzles feature custom internal geometry, increasing surface area for enhanced thermal transfer to the filament.

More nozzle sizes.
Revo ObXidian High Flow introduces higher flow capabilities to existing 0.4mm, 0.60mm, and 0.80mm nozzle sizes, while adding 1.00mm, 1.20mm, and 1.40mm options to your collection of abrasive-resistant nozzles.

Experiment freely.
With effortless nozzle swapping, explore various nozzles for diverse applications. In case of issues like clogged nozzles, simply replace it with ease, minimizing downtime and maximizing 3D printing time!

Each Revo Nozzle combines a preassembled nozzle and HeatBreak, eliminating hazardous hot tightening and ensuring correct assembly. Bid farewell to frustrating HotEnd leaks and relish in reliable 3D printing!

Rapid identification.
Identify nozzle sizes effortlessly with color-coded silicone socks. Additionally, each Revo Nozzle is engraved with easy-to-read numbers for quick identification, eliminating confusion.

Please note:
- Revo™ Nozzles are not compatible with V6-style HeaterBlocks.
- Adjust your Z offset when changing nozzles.

Key features:
- Material: Copper/Hardened Steel Assembly with E3DLC™ coating.
- Input diameter: 1.75mm
- Maximum temperature: 300°C

E3D Revo™ ObXidian™ High Flow Nozzle 1.75mm-1.0mm

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