• Crimp Your Own - 2 Pin JST-SYP Connector M+F
  • Crimp Your Own - 2 Pin JST-SYP Connector M+F

2 Pin RED JST-SYP Connector. Commonly used on printers for connecting wiring to controller boards. Not for high current use.

To use, strip the insulation from wire and crimp the pins to each wire lead. Orientate the pin with the latch facing towards the opening on the face of the connector. Insert the pin into the housing until it latches in place. 



The SYP - RCY connector is a compact, 2.5mm pitch wire-to-wire connector for use with a variety of circuits, from signal circuits to power supply circuits, in electrical equipment which is becoming more and more compact. The employment of a free spring contact method ensures stable contact performance, and superb working efficiency of insertion and removal.

Product Profile
Series RCY connector
Category Wire-to-Wire Connectors
Type Crimp style, With locking device 

Pitch 2.5 mm
Current rating MAX 3A
Voltage rating MAX 250V


Crimp Your Own - 2 Pin JST-SYP Connector M+F

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